What’s in Your Bag?

Electric Pulp

Check out what our Designer, Jade, keeps in her bag!

1. Burt’s Bee Lip balm- I’m addicted to it!

2. I always have random magazine tears in my purse. I’m constantly ripping out pages to use as inspiration for work, good articles and products that I like for myself!

3. Love my iphone! What did we do before this electronic gem?

4. I’m usually never without my camera! I take pictures of EVERYTHING…all the time!

5. I try to keep up with my vitamins. I’ve started to carry them with me in hopes that I will remember to take them…it happens about once a week

6. I love green tea. I don’t drink coffee, so it’s my caffeine source. I like to have it with me, especially when I’m traveling.

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