Electric Pulp

O’Neill Girls Sr. Design Director, Whitney Morris, gives us an open invitation to peek inside her purse and see what we could find…..

1. I always carry this little leather journal I got at Urban Outfitters around with me, to make notes or jot down ideas!!! I have so much going on day to day, I have to write it down to remember! And of course, I have my F* Cancer sticker. A great organization for a good cause, that I hold dear to my heart from personal experience…. Look it up!

2. My IPhone….no explanation needed here…I honestly don’t know what I would do without that thing! Email, text, constant contact…..I’m never without it, even in meetings!

3. My camera…..I carry it with me everywhere! I take pics constantly, whether I’m shopping, taking pics of family and friends or just getting inspiration day to day. It’s a photographic journal of everything I encounter!

4. My wallet….if you could only see it from the side view, woah! That sucker is packed with stuff!!! I’m waiting till it literally falls apart to get a new one…I got it on one of our shopping trips in London a few years ago and it’s the softest leather with huge studs..I love it!

5. Sunglasses! Essential in Southern California, I usually have more than one pair floating around my purse….and they are the O’Neill ones that they named after me!! So, of course I have to wear them, right???

6. We travel a lot, so I always have things at the ready just in case,…… Emergen-C, Advil, Green Tea packets and a Kind Bar (love these things!)

7. I got this cosmetic bag from the Urban Outfitters in London, and I get so many compliments on it….I love the fun patchwork of the floral and the animals…..and it holds a ton of my lipsticks, I wear a different color every day! I like to experiment and I’m always ready to go from day to night in a flash!

8. Last but not least…..my WOLFMOTHER guitar pick. I carry it around for good luck. I got this at one of their shows, I’ve been to at least 10 or more, I’ve lost count!!!! They are my absolute most favorite band…and I’m kind of in love with the lead singer, Andrew My Motto to live by: “LIFE WITHOUT MUSIC, WOULD BE A MISTAKE.”

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