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Here at O’Neill, we may not know a lot about politics, but we know who runs the world. GIRLS. And seeing as today is #womancrushwednesday, we would like to share some of the kickass women who inspire us to continue doing what we do, whether it’s ruling the world or just rockin’ to our own beat.

This chick’s lyrics and sadcore vibes may send us into a downward spiral of a romanticized depression whenever we listen to her music, but we must admit, O’Neill loves us some Lana.

We chose Lana del Rey as our first #womancrushwednesday blog post because we think Lana rocks! Really, this girl is an inspiration to us all, and is creating a new space for women in the music industry! Lana has been writing music ever since she was 18 years old, and burst onto the mainstream scene in 2011 by making her own music video for her song “Video Games”, and was thrust into the limelight with her album Born to Die, which almost everyone has heard at least once, being the #5 top selling album of 2012. Ever since then she’s been on our minds and in our hearts, with her “gangsta Nancy Sinatra” persona relying heavily on 50s and 60s Americana romanticism, we’re seeing something from her that we’ve never seen from anyone before. And even if her melodic ballads don’t appeal to you, you must admit, she has done a lot for music in the past couple of years. Coachella, SNL, an album and several EPs, she’s been busy, and we really admire her for it.

We can’t wait for the release of her album Ultraviolence later this year (even if it is a little bit of Kubrick appropriation), and hope you can find inspiration from this kickass woman like we can!

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