Jasset Umbel

Shelby Froehlich

Get used to hearing about Jasset Umbel from Melbourne, Florida. At 14 years old she dominated the east coast amateur ranks, and held claim to 2 regional NSSA titles, including southeast/north open woman and explorer girls. Jasset umbel lives just a few blocks from the beach AND IT SHOWS in her surfing. She free surfs regularly with her dad and brother jack, but knows how to turn up the heat in competition. She’s won 12 out of 23 NSSA events and brought her east coast prowess to the west coast for the NSSA nationals. Stay tuned for updates on Jasset’s progress!

ASP Women WQS Peru 2013 – Equal 5th

Surfing America USA Championships Under 18 Women 2012 – 3rd place

NSSA Nationals High School Women 2012 – 3rd place

APSPR Corona Pro Women 2011 – 2nd place

Surfing America USA Surf Team 2010 – 2012
Rip Curl Grom Search National Championships – 4th place

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