Maddie Ryan

Gabe Garcia

Birthday: August 8, 2002

Resides: Rincon, PR & Arundel, ME

Hobbies outside of surfing: reading, skateboarding, making puns, listening to music… excessively 

Maddie travels back and forth between Maine and Puerto Rico. She’s on the constant search for waves and enjoying the traveling her surfing lifestyle brings. Spending much of the winter in Puerto Rico, she works hard to improve her surfing with her coach and experiment with new maneuvers. In Maine, the surf is completely dependent on the tides, so she goes when she can. “Yes, we do get waves in Maine. I get asked that a lot.” says Maddie.

While surfing may be first priority, Maddie is also extremely focused on her education by being homeschooled and taking classes online. She loves writing, reading and language, with Spanish being her second language. Always focusing on her passions, Maddie sees herself forever traveling to exotic places with her surfboard, and eventually writing a book.


2017 - 1st Girls U18 ESA Eastern

2016 – 1st Girls U14 ESA North East Regionals

2016- 4th Girls U14 ESA Eastern

2015- 1st Volcom TCT Qualifier New Jersey


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