Taylor Bruynzeel

Gabe Garcia

Birthday: March 7, 1997

Resides: NewBury Park, California

Hobbies outside surfing:  Soccer, Volleyball, and graphic design

Taylor Bruynzeel is an 18 year old, who’s stoked on life.  Taylor started surfing at the age of 4, and has surfed up and down the California Coast, from Santa Cruz to San Diego. Trying out different board designs, shapes, and styles is something Taylor really enjoyed while building her skills. Ultimately Taylor made the decision to stick to the long board. Started competing, at the age of 11.  She’s inspired by both male and female surfers and incorporates different styles of surfing to create her own unique style.

Taylor has participated in many different types of sports, such as: volleyball, soccer, dance, and skateboarding but she’s always loved surfing the most. “ Surfing is truly a great sport.”  Her whole family surf s and her parents have always encouraged her to do what she loves.

She’s a student studying business and design, and an active member of her church. In her free time she loves to hang out with close family and friends, spend time at the beach, travel, and most of all giving surf lessons! “I absolutely love having a surf lesson and getting to see the pure excitement of anyone who has not surfed before, stand up on their first wave and ride it to shore.”

With her natural talent, and positive attitude, we know Taylor Bruynzeel will make it far in the surfing community.

Surf Photography: @melissamaephoto

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