Ordering & Billing

Ordering & Billing

Q. Can I use two promo codes or offers at once?
Only one offer may be redeemed at a time. No two promo codes or offers may be combined at any time.

Q. I ordered the wrong product, can I adjust my order?
A. Once an order is submitted, you cannot make changes. This includes size changes, shipping information and promotional codes. Please contact us as soon as possible so we can stop the order from shipping to you. For assistance please email support@oneillclothing.com or call us at (855) 554-5930.

Q. Why do I see multiple charges on my credit card for one order?
A. Upon submitting your order, you will see one pending authorization for each attempt made to place your order. If you did not receive an order number at order completion, then you may have entered the incorrect billing address. We recommend contacting your bank to verify the billing address on your account before trying your order again. If you see multiple pending authorizations, it could be that you entered your billing information incorrectly and tried multiple times. These pending authorizations will be removed from your bank account within 3-5 business days.

Q. What is a pending authorization?
A. Pending authorizations are temporary holds on your credit line that guarantees available funds for the purchase costs. An authorization is not a charge to your account. The authorization is removed once the transaction is complete. Although pending authorizations usually last for 3 - 5 business days, the duration of these authorizations can vary. Please contact your bank for their policy regarding authorization holds.

Q. I am trying to place an order with a pre-paid gift card, why won’t my order go through?
A. When using prepaid gift cards, please contact the credit card company to register and associate your address with the card before using it to order.

Q. I am using a promo code, so why are some of the items in my order not discounted?
A. Promo codes may not be combined and may not apply on already discounted items. We only support promotional codes that were issued through us.oneill.com and not through a third-party site. Other exclusions may apply. All Snow and Wetsuits styles including rashguards, skins, wetsuits, hybrid series, accessories, and all other wetsuit styles are EXCLUDED from all promo codes and sitewide promotions!