Just as a carpenter relies on a trusted set of woodworking tools, every Hawaii-bound surfer relies on a set of go-to boards made to handle the range of waves the North Shore has to offer. You need a board for the playful days and for the XXXL days, a board for tubes, a board for airs and everything in between to tackle a winter season in Hawaii.
On one of the flatter days at the O’Neill house, we asked San Clemente’s own Ian Crane to break down his five go-to Hawaii sleds, all crafted by legendary surfboard shaper Matt “Mayhem” Biolos of …Lost surfboards. There’s a lot more to Crane-o’s quiver than just varying sizes and airbrush designs. Some are glassed heavier to deal with the trade winds, some are lucky comp sticks and some have retro features, it just depends on what the day calls for.
Stay tuned for the next Hawaii Live: Team O’Neill Quivers featuring Soli Bailey.