Braeden Kopec

Braeden resides in the Hammock area of Florida, a few miles north of his local break, Flagler Beach Pier. Born in 2006, Braeden took his first ride on a wave a little over two years later on the nose of his dad’s longboard. Shortly after turning three, he was gliding down the wave face on his own and he was hooked! Before the age of four Braeden entered his first contest, fast forward to today, he has tons and tons of contest experience and a couple East Coast titles. He has a passion for the technical side of surfing and one day hopes to paddle out with Jordy. Braeden enjoys surfing throughout Costa Rica, California and Puerto Rico and all over the East Coast. He is always ready to grab his passport, boards and head off to his next adventure! Just say, “let’s go…!!,” and he’ll be ready!!

His favorite spots? Lowers of course, Playa Hermosa, CR and Ponce Inlet, FL.