Baja Bug With Timmy Reyes

Baja Bug With Timmy Reyes.

Navigating an early season south swell at Mexico’s famed sand points with Timmy Reyes.

Timmy and I have spent the majority of this year up north:

Canada, the Pacific Northwest and Northern California. We can’t help it — we love the cold water and the accompanying waves. That being said, Timmy always has his eyes on the south, patiently waiting for the first opportunity to strike. All it took was a five-minute phone conversation to be convinced to hop on a plane and meet Timmy in Mexico City, where I found him passed out on the terminal benches. This was by no means a freak swell, but that’s not why we decided to make the mission — we went because we knew it’d be one of the first solid windows to surf these groomed sand points that had been sitting dormant all year.

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