Bred to Shred 2017

Gabe Garcia

Bred to Shred 2017

Cory Lopez puts on a contest at Ponce Inlet; surf kinda fires, kids are stoked

O’Neill’s Cory Lopez has surfed a lot of competitions in his day. But he says putting on his own event for kids has been the most rewarding. The second annual Bred to Shred, held a couple weekends ago, is a kids-only, 12-and-under surf contest that’s all about having a good time. This year, over 100 kids and families showed up in Ponce Inlet, FL, to share in a epic weekend of surf and fun. Saturday the surf was absolutely firing with two- to four-foot aquamarine peaks. Sunday came down a bit, but still held in the two-foot range. Keep in mind, this is the summertime in Florida and to score waves like that…well, everyone was pretty frothed up.

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