Caity Simmers is going to the final five of the world surf league


After an incredible rookie year on tour, Caity’s season isn’t over just yet. One of the youngest to qualify she made a dominant debut with 2 wins, 1 semifinal, and 1 quarterfinal finish. We’d argue she’s the most active rookie, ever.

Ahead of her joining the best in the world, Caity spent years on the qualifying circuit. Things got interesting in 2021 with her win at the US OPEN. This finish allowed her to qualify for the 2022 world tour, but she ended up passing on the opportunity, for good reason. She took a gap year to just enjoy being 16 and we love her for that decision. Ultimately qualifying and accepting after an exciting run on the Challenger Series in 2022, she joined the worlds best. And we know where that lead her…

To keep her mind off the challenges of the championship series, she loves to edit. TOASTED, Luau Punch and Bell Jar are a few recent projects just to name a few…

It’s already her year in our book, but we’re excited for Caity to round out this season with a fun, inspiring performance at the WSL Final Five.

If you want to watch and cheer her on during the finals, head to and wait for the call. Also, follow along @oneillwomens and @oneillusa social media accounts for live updates.

Here's her favorites from Fall that are outfitting her on finals day.