Sam Coffey being chaired up the stairs at Steamer Lane
Sam Coffey carving his way to a win at Steamer Lane
Sam Coffey takes the win, Nat Young finishes second.
Ben Coffey congratulates his brother Sam on the win.
Sam Coffey cutting back at Steamer Lane
The O'Neill Freak Show Pro took place this past weekend at Steamer Lane in our hometown of Santa Cruz. The sun was shining, the air was crisp and the waves at Steamer Lane were, well... tiny. Very tiny. Despite the small size, the local standouts and visiting pros made the most of it, sitting very patiently for an occasional set, navigating the kelp and grinding as hard as they could.
Local standouts and Team O'Neill riders Ben and Sam Coffey made it through the difficult first day of heats, earning them both a spot in the quarterfinals. While Ben unfortunately lost to the current Freak Show Champion, Nat Young, in a very difficult semifinal heat, Sam was able to pull ahead to the final on a rare set that rolled through the point. Utilizing his local knowledge of Steamer, Sam went on to take the win against Nat right before the ocean went completely flat.
Congratulations to Sam and thank you to everyone who attended.
Images: Marc Prefontaine