Style Muse Diaries: Florida Springs

The Summer Solstice has officially kicked off our summertime excitement. Endless beach days and salty skin tones are here. Up and down the west coast we’ve been feeling the heat wave creep up upon us week after week and it couldn’t have come any sooner. Over on the east coast Style Muse, Paige Vuoto has also been feeling the same delight. We joined her on her birthday exploration to one of Florida’s many hidden, untouched springs to kick off the changing of seasons. Here you find solitude and experience the true beauty of nature. Hiking through what feels like the jungle in South America, ending at a cave or swimming hole of crystal clear water. What felt like a journey in a far off land was even sweeter knowing it’s right in our backyard or a quick plane flight away.

Below is Paige’s photo diary.

Taking a dip in our Bodega Swim Set.

To see more of Paige’s adventures, follow her on Instagram: Paige @puhjyna 

Photography: Rachel Chesnes @raychezzy

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