Surf Muse: Honolua Blomfield


Our fourth style muse and team rider, Honolua Blomfield, just got back from a trip to Bali and was able to hang out with our O’Neill HQ crew for a week in Hawaii. We got to interview her in between dawn patrol sessions and beach hangs. Read her full interview below.


Home is the North Shore, where could we catch you surfing in the mornings?

Yes, I live on the north shore of Oahu and I can’t tell you where you can catch me.  Every day is different, so I never know where I’m headed until I look outside my window.  Home break / wave I surf the most is Chuns reef or gas chambers.

Fave Break?

My favorite break is either Haleiwa or Sunset.

Best local spot for poke?

Foodland for sure.

Being a master at two disciplines, do you connect better with long or short boarding?

I connect more with longboarding.  I feel so free, and like I’ve got nothing to worry about. It takes me away from my life and is where all of my happiness is connected to. But shortboarding has my heart.

What advice do you have for girls trying to decide which one to take up?

I think that if you’re a beginner and want to try surfing, longboarding is better to try first. As you improve you can slowly work your way to smaller and smaller boards. Starting on a longboard guarantees instant success.

Hono surfing in Bali wearing our Farah High Neck Halter + Cross Tab Side Pant.

Hono showing her inspirational form wearing the Farah High Neck Halter + Cross Tab Side Pant.

Balancing life and the new longboard world tour, what are you most excited to accomplish this year?

Well I love to travel to get good waves, and visit new places each year. This year I’ve been balancing my travels and the WSL longboard tour. There has been one event already in a new place (PNG) and I placed 3rd. There’s another one in Taiwan at the end of the year, so I’m headed to England at the end of the month to practice surfing against some of my competitors in a LQS.

Any pre-heat rituals to calm yourself down?

I don’t really have any pre heat rituals. Once in a while I listen to music but it doesn’t seem to make a difference. I just like to feel relaxed and talkative, but my mom says I do best when she gets me angry before my heats!

Honolua hanging ten in the Farah High Neck Halter + Cross Tab Side Pant.

You’re (recently) 18 but have been traveling since you were born, favorite destination?

Yes I have been traveling since birth, but that’s so hard to decide! Every place I have been to is so special in its own way, but if I had to choose I’d say Bali, Indonesia.

What’s on your playlist?

Little bit of everything, but my favorites are deep house, oldies, and country.  Favorite song is rappers delight.

What keeps you motivated to stay in the water?

The joy and happiness it has brought me my entire life.

What do you do when the waves are flat?

When the waves are flat, some of my hobbies are riding dirt bikes, skateboarding, fishing, and diving. 

How do you keep yourself in surfing shape out the water?

Don’t really have any work out routine but skateboarding helps.  Surfing keeps me in shape though!

What surfers inspire you?

There are many surfers that inspire me, a few are Harrison Roach, John Florence, Makala Smith, Harley Ingleby, & Jordy smith.

Honolua slicing in our Lana Bralette + Macrame Hipster.

Surf Photography: Tim Ridenour, @timmmytoes

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