Surf Muse: Kiana Fores

Surf Muse: Kiana Fores


A sweet escape is always blissful. Even more so when it involves going back to your hometown.

Kiana Fores, our first Surf Muse, is always on the go in search of waves, working, or attending school. She lives a lifestyle many would dream of…always salty and giving back to those around her, especially mother nature. A true heart of gold, we are excited to share a little glimpse into what Kiana’s been up to this past month.

Here’s a hint: a lot of time in the ocean and shaping bays.


You just went to Kauai for a shoot with Marie Claire Magazine, tell us about the trip.

The trip was such a blessing. It’s crazy because I never get to go home for any trips, besides for holidays, so when I found out I was going to be home for a sweet escape I was over the moon! The weather was unreal, perfect days, no wind and fun waves and even dreamier sunsets. We started out with my favorite, a trip down the Napali coast with a few of my uncles and Papa. It was awesome. We got to surf and chase whales and dolphins. The surf was pumping and I felt like I was in a dream. Then the next day we went to all my favorite places in one day! You can see all the spots in the article. Nonetheless, going home is always a wonderful treat. I’m so thankful that Sanuk and Marie Claire chose my home for the location. I got to see my family and surf, and be in my element for a hot moment. Best sweet weekend escape.

You called Kauai home in the interview, maybe still do ;). What does it mean to you getting to grow up on such a beautiful island? Where do you live now?

It means everything to me. It sincerely has a special place in my heart. It’s my heart, my love and my worldview. I feel like I hit the lottery being able to call it my home. Anytime I get a chance to go back and be with family, friends and just be home is simply the best and it quenches my heart and soul. Kauai is such a special place to me, and it redefines the word beautiful.

Currently I live in Bird Rock San Diego, and I go to Point Loma Nazarene University as a full time student. I love where I live now because I can surf, walk to work and go to school. Best of both worlds.

Best thing about going back…

Seeing my mama, and surfing with my Papa.

Top 3 surf breaks.

Wherever the ocean calls my name. I feel like I haven’t surfed enough places around the world to choose my top 3!

Who inspired you to start surfing?

My Papa for sure, I just wanted to hang out with him and tag along and go surf. Always have loved the ocean too. Also growing up in Hawaii, surfing is a huge part of our culture and there is so much raw talent to look up to.

What boards are you riding most these days?

Honestly, these days it’s all about having fun and so I’ve been dedicating my time to surfing fun boards. I’m learning how to shape boards right now, so I have several dream sleds I’m going to make hopefully. But I finally have my hands on a single fin longboard that I’ve been working hard and saving up for. Back to basics.

Surf Muse: Kiana Fores

How’s school? Graduation’s around the corner, right?

School is so so so hard. But I’ve learned so much and have grown so much as an individual and being in society. I’ve realized how much I love learning and also how much I really don’t know. I’m in my last semester and I’m really excited to accomplish this. You know people never see the behind the scenes. The time I’ve spent in the library and, trying to juggle working, and surfing things, it’s crazy. There’s simply not enough time in the day. But I’m looking forward to being done and having some time for myself. Do the things I love, and surf more. Travel, explore, get lost, tap into my creativity more and just live. Inspire others, get inspired and be me. Can’t forget about working hard for those college loans I have to start paying off.

What are you thinking about doing after graduation?

Who knows. Stay tuned. Kiki’s going places! Hopefully helping this earth.

How do you stay salty with everything going on?

Luckily I go to an insane school with a campus that overlooks the ocean, so when I’m in class, or studying I take a few moments to look at the ocean and let it know I’ll be reuniting with in soon. If I ever have the chance to surf 20 mins before work or school, I try my best to. But I know when school’s done I can redeem and catch up on all the ocean time I’ve missed.

Favorite Mantra…

Pursue what you love, and the rest will truly follow.

Surf Muse: Kiana Fores

Surf Muse: Kiana ForesSurf Muse: Kiana Fores

Photography: Bryce Johnson@brycejohnson 

Stay tuned for future Surf Muse features on the blog and view Kiana’s full Marie Claire trip to Kauai here.


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