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Our second Surf Muse, Neva Kaya, comes from the tropical wilderness that is Puerto Rico.

We first met Neva as a retailer of O’Neill with her bright pink traveling bikini bus, during the Corona Pro in Rincon. Throughout the last year we’ve been able to learn more about her many business ventures and inspirational lifestyle. She’s become a true friend of the brand and our reason to share a little of her story.


So we first worked with you and your adorable bikini bus last year for the Corona Pro down in Rincon, PR. For those that don’t know, could you tell us a little about the idea behind it?

Hi! So the first inspiration for the Bikini Bus was an amazing shoot I saw, for Mara Hoffman’s line. I am obsessed with her swimwear but this shoot in particular – whoever the creatures behind it are – I love them.

Where can we find it?

The Bikini Bus is parked every day at Marias Beach next to Calypso Cafe in Rincon, Puerto Rico.

You also run a non-profit. Can you tell me a little about it?

I run a dog rescue that we all refer to as “casa dog” here in Rincon. We work with a handful of amazing rescues from all over the world to rehabilitate abused, abandoned Puerto Rico street dogs and place them in forever homes. We also highly focus on spay & neuter.

Los Angeles or Puerto Rico?

You mean which do I prefer? Puerto Rico (with a faint laugh) but it’s nice to go back to “civilization” in LA after being out here in the jungle for months. To sleep in my giant California king bed, with air conditioning, pizza delivery and my own pups

Apart from the traveling back and forth, where’s your number one getaway?

I’ve had some AMAZING surf trips to Mal Pais Costa Rica – surfing the most perfect lefts with only 3 guys out, but my heart is always going to say Puerto Rico. It’s my home. As long as I’m not growing in dog rescue and bikini bus – being here and just surfing and eating all day is my dream getaway.

You seem to live a busy life. How often are you able to get in the water?

UGH. I’ve missed some really fun swells this year because I’ve been out in the middle of the island running spay and neuter clinics. But apart from that – I try and go every morning unless it’s super small.

Home break?


Long or short board?


What keeps you inspired?

Surfing keeps me sane and happy. Helping animals and seeing them go from the unimaginable circumstances of abuse + neglect we find them in – to laying on a couch with their new families keeps me inspired    

Photography: Chris Fortuna – @chrisfortunaphoto

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