O’Neill will always be synonymous with Santa Cruz. The rugged coastline and small-town sensibility make it feel like the edge of the world, lacking any sort of pretension. It’s a straightforward town with a simple code of ethics holding respect and modesty in high regard. Hard work and craftsmanship lead to a high quality of life. Surf is always a top priority.

The Coffey family has deep roots in Santa Cruz. Ward built a surfboard business from the ground up, focusing on custom shapes and working with his clients face to face to produce surf craft specific to the rider and local conditions. It’s a timeless business model and has rewarded the family with a simple, but comfortable lifestyle. His two sons, Ben and Sam, grew up in Santa Cruz riding their dad’s boards. Ben’s ability to draw smooth, powerful lines clashes perfectly with his younger brother Sam’s speed-driven, aggressive approach. It was an honor to hang with the family and take a look into their daily lives, showcasing that surf and having fun should always go together.


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