Bridging the gap between the coast and the valley, Val Surf brought the beach lifestyle inland, exposing authentic surf culture to a whole new community. As a kid, owner Mark Richards grew up surfing and making the trek to the beach from his home in Valley Village, about thirty miles inland from Malibu. After realizing the need for a legitimate shop in his area, Richards and his father decided to start their own. Val Surf opened its doors in 1962 and began carrying an assortment of surfboards, wetsuits, and other accessories. As time went on, they developed into a one-stop location for all things action sports, expanding into skate and snow. Throughout its history, the shop has been a haven for local pros and beginners alike, acting as a gateway into the deeper subcultures within each sport. Val Surf is family-owned and operated, continuing to provide quality service and experience to all who walk through its doors. Watch the latest episode of Shop Chronicles, presented by Surfer, to get the full story.