Orange County has changed a lot over the years, but, while San Clemente has grown with the times, it’s managed to maintain its charm and surf-town vibe. Also known for its perfect cobblestone point breaks, San Clemente is home to California’s greatest surfing pedigree. Ian Crane is the latest in the long line of talent steeped in generations of California surf culture and heritage. Growing up in SC, Ian had a front-row seat to the world's best surfers on a daily basis. This exposure and his dogged perseverance have led to Ian becoming one of the most dynamic and entertaining surfers in any lineup. On this installment of Team O'Neill we catch up with Ian at home, a place where, while he doesn't get to spend a lot of time, he always makes the most of it. With visits to the Lost Surfboards factory and watching him painting boards, catching a few waves, and applying resin to beach wood, we'll dive into the mind of Ian Crane.