Brad Ward

Alyssa Flemmer

DOB: July 21, 1990


Height:6 ft.

Board size: 14′

Hometown: Sarasota, Florida

Sport: Stand Up Paddling

Sponsors: Hovie Sup, Oakley, Werner Paddles, O’Neill

Results:1st 14′ 2013 Orange Bowl Paddle Sup championships 2nd 14′ 2013 East Coast Sup Championships 1st 14′ Overall Sup Sarsota race series Champion

Best Accomplishment: 24 hour sup paddle fundraiser for YMCA youth shelter. Born in Washington D.C. Moved to Florida at age 8. I have always loved the water and lived if not on it ,by it. Sports have been my life since I was little. I am now a lifeguard for Sarasota county beach patrol.Grew up paddling kayaks, surf skiis, Canoes and then was introduced to Stand up paddling in 2011. I took the sport slow as in my very first race I didn’t even make it past the breakers on my Unlimited board. I train every other day to improve on every stroke I take. I plan on taking sup to another level and not only racing but using it to my advantage to teach others and give back!

Brad Ward

Brad Ward

Brad Ward

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