Fiona Wylde

Birthday: February 18th, 1997
Resides: Hood River, Oregon
Hobbies Outside of Stand Up Paddle Boarding: Surfing, Windsurfing, Kitesurfing, Cooking, Traveling

I’ve grown up in both Oregon and Los Barriles, Mexico playing on the water. For me the water has always brought me so much joy. In Mexico, I couldn’t wait to be done with school, run home, take off my uniform, put my wetsuit on and go jump into the sea. In Oregon, I couldn’t wait till summer when the water warms up and it’s light till 10pm, allowing maximum water/fun time possible! My parents introduced me to windsurfing when I was barely swimming. I started windsurf racing at age 11. I started kitesurfing at age 12 and stand up paddle boarding at age 13. SUP and Windsurf are my two main sports, but that doesn’t stop me from surfing, kiteboarding, and any other water sport. I started racing SUP at age 14 and won my first elite race 16, the Columbia Gorge Paddle Challenge in my own backyard. Since then, I have won world Series Races, finalled on the Stand Up Surfing World Tour, and am currently ranked #4 on the World Rankings. I’ve just graduated high school as Valedictorian and am looking to take my professional competition to the next level. Despite my dreams and interests, I am having a bit of a setback at the moment. I have just been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. This will not in no way stop me from doing that I love, but it will slow me down slightly this summer until I get my strength back.