Location, USA


Jordy Smith’s future as one of the world’s elite surfers began at an early age. Son of a surfboard shaper, Jordy grew up on the beaches of Durban South Africa. New Pier beach was Jordy’s childhood playground and eventual training ground where he developed his combination of power, progressive aerials, and polished style that makes him one of the most unique surfers in the history of the sport.

At seventeen years old, Smith began to make his presence known to the surfing world. In 2007 Jordy won the World Junior Championship, qualified for the Championship Tour, and joined Team O’Neill the following year. Smith’s CT career includes a runner-up finish in 2010 and five career event titles. Adept in and out of the competition jersey, Smith’s free surf performances and global media exposure makes him a favorite of surf fans around the world.

Full name: Jordan Michael Smith

AKA: Jordy
Date of birth: 11 February 1988
Nationality: South African
Home town: Durban, South Africa
Height / weight: 1,90 m / 88 kg
Started surfing: 3 years old
Sponsors: O’Neill, Red Bull, Oakley, Al Merrick, Neff, futures, Trace, Vestal
Local spot: New Pier, South Africa
Stance: Regular
Favorite spot: J-Bay
Surfboard size: 6’2 ½” x 19 1/4″ x 2 ½”
Favorite trick: Airs
Favorite event: J-Bay
Heroes: Michael Jordan