O'Neill / Surfline

Wave Of The Winter


Welcome to the Wave of the Winter for the people. 
Surfline created this event in cahoots with O’Neill three years ago to spotlight the unsung and the unknown, the underrated and the underground — just doing what they normally do, where they normally do it during any given winter swell at their local joints.

Throughout a four-month holding period (December 1st, 2020-March 31st, 2021), surfers all around the United States of America and the Caribbean can submit video clips of their best rides to Surfline’s Regional O’Neill Wave of the Winter page, the best entries of which will be judged via online user voting.

Because no matter how unsung or unknown, underrated or underground, someone is — every surfer wants the world to know they rip. Nothing wrong with that at all.

However, each of the five winners will get a lot more than 15 minutes of social media fame and, the patronizing cliche to end all patronizing cliches, “bragging rights.” They will each get $1,000. Learn more in the details section here.


Northwest (Washington border to Point Conception)

SoCal (Point Conception to Mexico border)

Caribbean (Caribbean Islands and Central America Caribbean)

Southeast (Virginia to Florida)

Northeast (Maine to Maryland)

Submit your entries here.